i4tl Services

The Institute offers customized training, coaching and professional development services to help schools design and implement their own online, blended and personalized learning models. Services can be delivered in the combination of modalities that best fits the needs of the client: online courses though our strategic partnership with iLearn Collaborative, virtual coaching, and on-site hands-on workshops.


Professional Development

The Institute for Teaching and Leading delivers high-quality professional development designed to build capacity and ownership of the teaching and learning process in the following areas:

  • Shifting Paradigms for Student-Centered Learning
  • Entry Points to Blended Learning: Exploring Classroom Models
  • High-Quality Content Creation & Curation
  • The Right Tools for the Job: Making Sense of Edtech Tools
  • Instructional Design for Fostering Learning Communities
  • Designing and Using Formative Assessment in the Online and Blended Classroom
  • Identifying and Developing Professional Learning Networks
  • Aligning Technology Use with Instructional Goals
  • Use of Student Data for Meaningful Goal-setting
  • Creativity 101: Student-Generated Content


Leadership Coaching

i4tl helps school leaders to lead successful change and innovation in their schools, departments and districts. Leadership support covers a range of skills, including:

  • Exploring Styles of Leadership – Finding the Model that Works
  • 4 Phases of Engagement for Initiative Design
  • Change PLanning and Management
  • Fostering Growth Mindset
  • “Train the Trainers” for School Design Teams
  • Supporting Blended Learning in Your School or District
  • Modeling Blended Learning in Your School or District
  • Why Personalize? Building the Case for Personalization of Learning
  • Creating Data Culture within Your School
  • Building a Professional Learning Community

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